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This page is currently being proofread and tweaked! Pardon any errors while we finish up!
Finances are the math behind the miracles for any non-profit organization. Building lives from dreams and men from boys is not only an emotionally intense undertaking, but a financial one as well.

We like to believe endeavors like ours are a great investment in human capital.

Below is the outline of our expenses for an average year.

RenProject is funded completely by private donations. Please consider chipping in to help make dreams come true.
Click the donate button to make a one time or monthly donation:
Send donations to:

23110 State Road 54 #270
Lutz, FL 33549

Transportation and Travel


Flights to and from college (and Russia for younger students), gas, auto repair and maintenance.

Dining and Groceries


Broccoli, kale, strawberries, oranges, carrots, spinach, blueberries, milk…but seriously…ice cream, bacon, chicken tenders, cereal, cereal, cereal, and M & M's.



Medical insurance, co-pays, bandaids, etc.



Rent, insurance, power bills, maintenance on a house that's one sneeze from falling down.



We need to stay connected so we can share way too much information with you through our many social media outlets, our website, and your inbox. Of course, you can also reach us if you should ever want to.

Office Supplies/Technology


Ink, paper, tape, staples, and a baseball bat in case the printer gets an attitude.

Professional Fees


There is a fee for everything! State of Florida fees, IRS fees, Vladimir Putin fee…

Bucknell and Alma


Despite garnering over half a million dollars in scholarships at three different universities there are still cost we help cover. (This is mostly room and board…and books.)



Awesome christmas cards and dynamite photos don't come for free!



This is our life blood. Every donation makes a huge difference in the lives of our boys, and lets us build towards our future of helping additional kids.

Difference (Covered by Eric)


Some people spend their money on high priced coffee and fast sports cars, not Eric he spends it all on this endeavor