Success! Gleb graduated magna cum laude!
Ten years ago a cherub faced, bunny toothed, loquacious 11 year old boy left his home in Russia for a life of adventure, to pursue his dream of a better life for himself and his family. Armed only with an undeniable confidence and very basic English Gleb came off the plane with the singular goal of taking advantage of what he knew was the chance of a lifetime.

For six years Gleb dedicated himself to the goal of making the most of his stay in America. He spent countless hours studying and staying after school for extra help, never afraid to ask others for insights and assistance. His mind was thirsty, and his drive was unrelenting. He consistently earned the highest grades in school and accolades from his teachers, things which he valued dearly.

Gleb's journey was not all roses and sunshine, but he learned from his mistakes and kept moving. He learned to love with out judging, to laugh with warmth, and to understand that sometimes people compliment one another instead of compete. Gleb invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears and believed, in his heart of hearts, that in America he could make his dreams come true.

It is with great satisfaction we can say, they did.

Gleb has been accepted into Bucknell University with a scholarship to cover his 4 years of schooling.

Gleb, know that all of us: your parents, teachers, friends, and surrogate family are all forever proud of you. You did exactly as you dreamed of doing and in the course of this journey you made us all better people. You have reminded us that the American Dream is not only real, but alive and well.
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