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Reflections of a Mother
It has been just over a few years since I returned from the land of the blessed sun of Florida. I still have vivid memories that I do not want to forget of the hospitality and the wonderful people with whom I was able to meet!

After landing in the late evening at the Tampa airport, I was greeted by a strongly built young man in an elegant suit with a bouquet of beautiful flowers, it was my son Gleb! This meeting I had dreamed about all 6 years he was gone and it was a miracle it happened. It happened thanks to you, your help and care, your love for my son! Nearby was another great man, Eric Wilson, and together we went to a cozy home that hid its size, each child had his own room, large living room and kitchen. The house was surrounded by a huge orange grove where the air is filled with wonderful aromas of flowers, the singing of the birds to wake up the boys, and bizarre grunting alligators. Along with them, I fell asleep beneath the trees where you can watch the squirrels. I tried to feed them, but I never once managed to do so!

Waking up, our boys were greeted with a tasty breakfast on the table (pancakes with jam and sausages with maple syrup, and omelets, and cereals), and playful, good-natured Sammy (the dog), who is always next to the kids’ sides! Walking around the edge of the forest, I met a little fawn, and in the distance saw a fox running around underfoot. Everywhere there were lizards, butterflies that flew with dazzling beauty, it is a wonderful, unique place!

In the short time I was there, complete strangers tried to show me as much as possible, ocean front Miami with pure white sand, cozy cafes and restaurants. We visited Disney in Orlando, Tampa, the schools where our children have been learning, and much more. I was invited to many family’s homes where I felt genuine love for myself and my son Gleb! Thank you so much! The most striking impression made on me by the graduation ceremony and party at the end of the school for Gleb. Congratulations from the head of school and teachers, friends, and loved ones - it was so nice it made a mother's heart ached with joy! I thank everyone who helped and took part in this celebration!

I thank all who have developed in my son a warm heart, and kind soul! You were part of his success, his achievements were shared with you. I worried when something did not work, but you always helped him in word and deed! My son is enrolled in one of the best universities in America, thanks to his perseverance, work, determination and will, and I'm proud of my son, I'm a happy mom! I wish him new friends, new achievements, and success and that the next such wonderful journey is like the one with you! I wish you happiness, health, love, prosperity, and that your love and your kindness will be endless! You are all in my heart!

Among you there is a person who deserves special attention is Mr. Eric Wilson, to him I want to express my special gratitude for all he has done for the Russian boys, without which it would not have been The Renaissance Project and there would not be the result of which we can see today. Thanks to his parents that created this man. He was and hopefully will be for our children, parents, brothers, reliable, and a close friend, demanding teacher and a great teacher! Eric is making tremendous efforts so the project flourished and had a sequel, he uses every opportunity to involve his friends and acquaintances, getting them to donate their money and services! Thank you for all your hard work that skillfully leading our children on the paths of love and kindness, igniting their hearts with the trembling flame of curiosity and self-confidence! Let never run dry kindness and wisdom in your heart!


Lyudmila, mother of Gleb!