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Max and Tioma - June 2008
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"All of our story happened so suddenly. We had decided to start Tioma a year early in school and this required a certificate from a psychologist deeming him mature enough for starting school full time. While going through this process a woman came up to us, a nice lady, and asked us "Would you like for your boy to go to America?" (She was speaking of Max at the time.) Just like that, like a smack to the forehead! The question was the same as asking "Do you want to fly to the moon tomorrow?"

Then it was away we go...testing, meeting, interviews with administrators. It was all like a dream. Then came the magic moment, a beautiful, shimmering plane soared into the sky taking our treasure to an unknown distant land. It was not easy like that, to send away my dear and infinitely loved child. Even a mother, of course, is not devoid of selfishness. But, over time I could see Max mature. He was intelligent, enthusiastic, and pursued worthy ideas and interest. My heart bloomed with beautiful flowers with unseen birds where everything sings and rejoices. I feel the love and care imbued in my sons, by people unknown to me, but that have become near and dear ones. They are the streams of love, kindness and hope."

-Max and Tioma's Mom, Janetta
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