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Gleb - Orange, Max - Purple, Daniil - Red, Tioma - Pink, Eric - Blue.
Check out our individual pages to learn more about each of us.
We are the cast and crew of RenProject as it currently stands. We have the “old man”, the athlete, the performer, the model students, and the baby of the family. But, we are more than that. We are trailblazers, hoping to create paths for others to follow.

We are immigrants seeking to lift our families from poverty, we are students working towards a better future.

We are just a beginning of what we hope RenProject will become. We are not the definition of RenProject, be we help to define it.

We are Gleb, Daniil, Tioma, Max, and Eric. We are five people out to make the world a better place for today, tomorrow, and generations to come.

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