For many people, especially in America, bigger always equates to better. The bigger your share of market the better. The larger the population you help, the better. The love affair with everything large actually disqualifies RenProject from many sources of funding, but we don't feel bigger is always better, especially if the timing is not right.

For us, each child that we take on we make a promise, that if they are a good student and a good kid, we will help see them through to college. That is an enormous promise, spanning many years and many dollars. The idea of ramping up our enrollment for the sake of being bigger would subject not only our business to great risk, but also the future of the children we help. Accordingly, our goals are not world domination, but a reasonable and controlled growth that allows us to find great kids, and provide them a great experience. I would equate the idea to quality, hand crafted Amish furniture, versus Ikea furniture like products. To continue the metaphor, we believe our investments in these students, like investments in Amish furniture, will be something that is passed on for generations after they've left our care.

So, our dream is to create a sustainable program with cash reserves to weather economic downturns, and controlled growth that allows us to continue our good deeds without diluting our mission and our quality of work. In time, we hope to create a program here that could be duplicated at other schools in other parts of Florida and America. In the future we could have a small network of programs sprinkled around various schools, but only when the time is right.

We have our eye on a distant prize and we realize that it is dangerous to use time as the measuring stick for success. Unlike a technology product that must sell hot as soon as it's released, the experience and the opportunity that we offer simply cannot be rushed.

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In addition to the daily expenses of life, we have the annual cost of flying the boys home to visit with their families.
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