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What do you get when you put together 4 unrelated Russian kids and American man to raise them all?  One awesome story!  This blog is all about the against all odds journey that we have taken on in order to change the world.  These are the tales of this spectacular journey.  From nothing to something, from nobodies to somebodies read along to see how these young men are impacting the world in big ways.  Learn how the four boys struggle to reconcile their American and Russian lives, conquer amazing odds at every corner, and rise up from obscurity and poverty to be outstanding young men.  Follow along and see how I, as the American guy who accidentally ended up running this show, learn to run a business including conquering some of my social fears all in the name of helping these boys and hopefully more.

Parenting is an ugly mess, so be prepared to laugh and to cry.  Some days you may want to wag the finger of shame at me, I do it a lot myself.  But, it’s not about getting it right all the time, but trying your best.

Come join the fun and read along as we all grow from boys to men learning about life and how to live it well.

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2 Responses to “Welcome to Our Blog!”

  1. Joe Kalinoski says:

    Eric, not sure if you remember us, but Linda and I had the kids over a few times, Gleb, Max, Daniile and a few others to hang with our adopted Russian kids when we lived in Parkland Florida. interesting to see how successful ( and big) they have become. I see Gleb is going to Bucknell, good school, I grew up just 20 minutes away from Bucknell for the first 25 years of my life. I figure he will be running Russia some day, amazing kid.

  2. ericwilson75 says:


    Yes, I remember coming to your house and visiting with you, Linda and the kids. The boys have grown up…and UP. I am very proud of all that they have accomplished. Please do continue to follow along. You are one of the few that “knew them when…” Their story is far from over!


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