Free Range Thoughts (When thoughts refuse to fit into categories)

Donating to

Tweet does two fundraising pushes each year: End of Calendar Year (now) and End of School Year (May). We do not spend a lot of time bombarding mailboxes, inboxes and news feeds shaking our supporters and fans down for money. Unlike charities that are raising money to support huge infrastructures, staff, bills and such. […]

You’ll Have to Forgive Me

Tweet You’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit on edge. The approach of February marks the beginning of the most terrifying time in the life of a RenProject senior (and the old man raising him). This is my second year in a row going through this, and I’m not sure I can handle […]

We’re Proud of You Gleb

Tweet Dear Gleb, I wanted you to know how much all of us enjoyed having you home. ALL of us, Sammy, Tioma, Daniil and I all enjoyed sharing laughs and good times with you. We also enjoyed that we got to share your good news, the Goldman-Sachs internship, with you face to face. To tell […]

The Big Game

Tweet Today, if all goes well, Maxim will take the field at Hope College (Alma is the visiting team) as a varsity player. This moment, such as I’ve described it, would be reason enough to celebrate, but in this case it means so much more. When you pull back the lens and view the day […]

Speed Limit 40: Some thoughts on Chasing Dreams

Tweet It is hard to believe that I’ve now spent 20% of my life raising the Russians (not ALL of the Russians, our Russians…) Most people scratch their head when they try to understand how I ended up doing this, others don’t even question it, it simply a matter Eric (or Wilson as I’m known […]

Happy Birthday Day Dad!

Tweet July is a special month for me both for happy and sad reasons. There are the obvious celebrations of 4th of July that I love so much. The cookouts, fireworks, fresh corn on the cob…a holiday that centers around being outdoors with friends and family celebrating our nation’s independence, and no gifts. Perfect. But […]

All About Soul (Old Soul)

Tweet Recently, while retiring from the Florida heat to watch some music clips on YouTube, I stumbled across a 15 year old British boy, Isaac Waddington. He didn’t come on with any glitz and glamour, to the contrary we was just a 15 year old boy at a piano, but when he started singing…oh my. […]

Eric and Daniil’s Excellent Adventure

Tweet Last week, Daniil and I spent seven days traveling through my home state of Indiana (and it’s friendly neighbor, Ohio.) It was the first time Daniil had seen Indiana when it wasn’t frozen, and like most folks, he fell in love. The trip wasn’t a fun frolic through the cornfields of the midwest (though […]

Four Legged Angel

Tweet Everyone who reads this knows about the 4 boys and myself, but not everyone knows our shortest family member, Sammy.  Sammy is our black and tan hound mix of some sort.  I always say she’s a mix of love and awesomeness, but that hardly does her justice.  She is an amazingly wonderful dog.  Sammy […]

A More Perfect Parent

Tweet Back in the day when I taught Civics and Government to 7th graders, we used to spend an entire month or more studying the constitution.  I would marvel at the genius of the authors of our founding document.  It was not perfect, but they were smart enough in their wisdom to realize this fact […]