Raising Teens (Death, Taxes, and Raising Teenagers: The Unholy Trinity)

A Letter to Daniil

Tweet Daniil, I think it goes without saying how proud we all are of you. I know you sometimes wonder WHY we are so proud of you, but make no mistake, what you have done over the course of the past nine years has really been something special. First, let us never discount the challenges […]

You’ll Have to Forgive Me

Tweet You’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit on edge. The approach of February marks the beginning of the most terrifying time in the life of a RenProject senior (and the old man raising him). This is my second year in a row going through this, and I’m not sure I can handle […]

The Big Game

Tweet Today, if all goes well, Maxim will take the field at Hope College (Alma is the visiting team) as a varsity player. This moment, such as I’ve described it, would be reason enough to celebrate, but in this case it means so much more. When you pull back the lens and view the day […]

Happy Birthday Day Dad!

Tweet July is a special month for me both for happy and sad reasons. There are the obvious celebrations of 4th of July that I love so much. The cookouts, fireworks, fresh corn on the cob…a holiday that centers around being outdoors with friends and family celebrating our nation’s independence, and no gifts. Perfect. But […]