The Business of Building Dreams

Donating a Dollar to Daniil

Tweet As a not-for-profit, one of the things people want to know most is how their money is being used? We realize there are a lot different ways you could put your charitable gifts to use, but we want to reassure you that when you give a dollar to Daniil’s College Fund, it goes exactly […]

A Letter to Daniil

Tweet Daniil, I think it goes without saying how proud we all are of you. I know you sometimes wonder WHY we are so proud of you, but make no mistake, what you have done over the course of the past nine years has really been something special. First, let us never discount the challenges […]

The Big Game

Tweet Today, if all goes well, Maxim will take the field at Hope College (Alma is the visiting team) as a varsity player. This moment, such as I’ve described it, would be reason enough to celebrate, but in this case it means so much more. When you pull back the lens and view the day […]

Gleb Goes to College

Tweet Juggling two suitcases, a backpack and a pillow on the way to my freshman dorm on Bucknell’s First Year Move In Day, I remember my mind racing over the most epic scenes of Blue Mountain State and American Pie, along with other cheesy tangents of my 17-year-old imagination, drooling over all the soon-to-be-made memories […]

Count Down to a Dream Come True

Tweet The short four years of high school flew by in a blink of an eye. The hard work that Mr. Wilson (and supporters of, my teachers, coaches, and advisors at Academy at the Lakes, and I put in resulted in a very exciting outcome. I graduated high school with an excellent GPA and […]

Faith and Fear: The Other F-Words

Tweet Over the last 2,000+ days, I’ve learned a lot about faith.  Faith, as it would turn out is not what I thought it was at all.  I used to believe faith meant believing in God despite the questions about his existence that may creep up over time.  Faith was what I had in my […]