March 2015

Four Legged Angel

Tweet Everyone who reads this knows about the 4 boys and myself, but not everyone knows our shortest family member, Sammy.  Sammy is our black and tan hound mix of some sort.  I always say she’s a mix of love and awesomeness, but that hardly does her justice.  She is an amazingly wonderful dog.  Sammy […]

A More Perfect Parent

Tweet Back in the day when I taught Civics and Government to 7th graders, we used to spend an entire month or more studying the constitution.  I would marvel at the genius of the authors of our founding document.  It was not perfect, but they were smart enough in their wisdom to realize this fact […]

Faith and Fear: The Other F-Words

Tweet Over the last 2,000+ days, I’ve learned a lot about faith.  Faith, as it would turn out is not what I thought it was at all.  I used to believe faith meant believing in God despite the questions about his existence that may creep up over time.  Faith was what I had in my […]