July 2015

Speed Limit 40: Some thoughts on Chasing Dreams

Tweet It is hard to believe that I’ve now spent 20% of my life raising the Russians (not ALL of the Russians, our Russians…) Most people scratch their head when they try to understand how I ended up doing this, others don’t even question it, it simply a matter Eric (or Wilson as I’m known […]

Gleb Goes to College

Tweet Juggling two suitcases, a backpack and a pillow on the way to my freshman dorm on Bucknell’s First Year Move In Day, I remember my mind racing over the most epic scenes of Blue Mountain State and American Pie, along with other cheesy tangents of my 17-year-old imagination, drooling over all the soon-to-be-made memories […]

Happy Birthday Day Dad!

Tweet July is a special month for me both for happy and sad reasons. There are the obvious celebrations of 4th of July that I love so much. The cookouts, fireworks, fresh corn on the cob…a holiday that centers around being outdoors with friends and family celebrating our nation’s independence, and no gifts. Perfect. But […]

Count Down to a Dream Come True

Tweet The short four years of high school flew by in a blink of an eye. The hard work that Mr. Wilson (and supporters of RenProject.org), my teachers, coaches, and advisors at Academy at the Lakes, and I put in resulted in a very exciting outcome. I graduated high school with an excellent GPA and […]