Donating a Dollar to Daniil

As a not-for-profit, one of the things people want to know most is how their money is being used? We realize there are a lot different ways you could put your charitable gifts to use, but we want to reassure you that when you give a dollar to Daniil’s College Fund, it goes exactly where the name describes: Daniil’s College Fund. All money in the fund will be used to cover the expenses directly related to Daniil’s attendance at Wittenberg University including books, flights, insurance, etc.

RenProject does not keep any of the money. There is no management fee, etc. We don’t even incur any banking fees. In fact the only fee you’ll see is the 2.9% PayPal charges for processing credit cards.

Check and cash donations contribute 100% toward Daniil’s College Fund.

What is the $5,800 we are raising this year going towards? Housing and books! Housing costs approximately $500 a month and books around $800 for the year. (These costs are approximate, but very close to real cost.)

What if we EXCEED the $5,800 goal? We can dream such things will happen! Any additional money will be applied to next year’s expenses.

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